Receiving or giving thats the question



It’s December,

The month to celebrate, at least for a lot of people.

As a kid December was a very exciting month. The beginning period was all about whether we behaved well enough so Sinterklaas would pay a visit to hand us gifts on HIS birthday. Yes, that was a strange thing… when we had birthday we would receive presents instead of giving them away. But of course no objection to that! Such a kind man; the least we could do was singing  and making a lot of drawings and write how great he and his helpers were. (Not knowing that our parents were taking those out of our shoes and replaced them with some candy or small gift.)

The funniest thing is that I can still remember the moments we were spending together with both our close family and our extended family, NOT the toys and other things that we opened. 

My turn

Now it is my turn to take the role of Sinterklaas. And I enjoy it so much! Already months inadvance I am thinking what to get our children. We want to surprise them and the same time we try to impart some values to them.

We aren’t just giving them what they want. We want the brothers to play together, to learn something while playing. Read nice books etc. And then in a poem, written by myself (but that’s only Levi is aware off) I mention some things about the past year to make them realise how much they are loved but also the things that can be improved.

Sort it out

Last weekend we went through their stuff. We asked them what they could miss. What they were willing to give to other kids who are less fortunate than they are. A bag full of toys was the result and that makes me a very proud parent. Like this they will understand how it feels to GIVE. To share something.  Handing this bag to our help was another warm and grateful moment. And through her smile I’m sure many more smiles will come!

Be part of something bigger

Few weeks ago they already made a lot of effort to support a charity. We brought our glass bottles to this place where they melt those and transform them into beautiful beads. (TK Beads: a place definetely worth visiting when you have the chance!) In the small shop we bought a lot of them, with the intention to make necklaces and bracelets. Quite some hours we were sitting together stringing beads, a great family activity. We searched for a charity to support and to donate the money they would collect with the selling of the juwelery. We decided it would be Mamawise. A great initiative to help pregnant women here in Ghana, it’s about educating and facilitating and meanwhile supporting the local economy. Proud doesn’t even cover, our sons were over the moon when they came back from a round in the compound; they made 485 cedis!!!

Be a role model

I, myself decided to support Mamawise as well. Together with Lotte, the founder, I will work something out. In the new year I will give you an update, but now I will lift a tip of the veil. For each woman who decides to set her heart free with my (F)empower Program and allows herself to lead a happy life, I invest in Mamawise. So when you are ready to invest in yourself, you will automatically invest in  Mamawise as well. 

I love to be able to do this, I love that our boys experience that same joy to share. Although sharing among each other is another thing, but that’s the competition part, a whole different story 😉


It doesn’t matter how small or big your contribution is, the feeling of sharing something you can miss, means a lot! Support Mamawise or any other charity, community, family or person. It will be very rewarding, I promiss.