Testimonial from Nienke

I have learned that I can inspire others and have much more in me than I thought.

Before I started with the (F)empower Program, I thought I was fairly close to my feelings, but it turned out that I was mainly in my head and wanted to analyze a lot. That made it difficult for me to live in the here and now.

I felt hindered by issues that made me introverted and focused on my shortcomings and what I missed or lacked.
Thanks to Creatrix®, I have learned to redirect my issues: I am more positive, I feel more confident, and I radiate that more. I go by my intuition and no longer feel held back by my thoughts. I enjoy the moment more, feel more grateful, and dare to follow my gut feeling. I have learned that I can inspire others, have much more in me than I thought, trust my abilities, and am more kind to myself.

Inge is a reliable, honest, and calm coach who guides you in a pleasant way to gain more insight into your life and ensure that you find a better balance!