Marie-José’s testimonial

I have gotten the courage to make decisions out of love for myself.

I came to Inge after a tip from my colleague. I wanted to free myself from those eternal beliefs like: “I am worth nothing”, “I can’t do that anyway”, and the regular bad feelings about my life; my past, present, and future. Sometimes a premature ending seemed like a good flight for all I suffered from pain in my life.

The pain of the past; the death of my brother at a young age, the loss of my father at the age of 20, and also the delivery of two babies during the pregnancy, determined me to a large extent in my current life, my relationship with my loved ones, in my work and especially how I thought about myself.

How the (F)empower Program works, I can’t explain to you. I would advise you to trust the process and receive everything you are offered. It is all worth it!

I have gotten the courage to make decisions out of love for myself. Inge helped me with this. I give myself the time to grow from now on. I value myself. From a practical perspective, I also sleep better and eat healthier since I did the program. I no longer need antidepressants.

About Inge. I can say that from the first phone call to this day, she has been my rock in the surf. She is the mainstay but allows you to do it yourself. It’s safe! And if I say that, it means a lot, because I haven’t known safety for a very long time.

Thank you dear Inge! Even when you live further away; I know that your promise to always be there for me is true. My gratitude is infinite.

With love,