Joke’s testimonial

Within 2 months I could put things in perspective, enjoy and let go.

2 years after my burnout, I doubted for quite some time, but then I made contact with Inge. I knew the theory to avoid burnout very well . I just couldn’t convert it into practice. I still put myself in the last place and did not know how to cope with many emotions. Inge suggested the (F) empower program and in 2 months time I have become someone who can put things into perspective, enjoy and let go. My husband and my children also notice the positive transformation! I even enjoy a moment for myself! Without Mothers&Others, without Inge, I would never have come this far. Inge is a wonderful person who does her job with a lot of passion and care; you can’t wish for a better coach! Someone you can trust 100%.

If I can give you 1 advice when you have doubts about following the (F) empower program: