Dineo’s testimonial

Take back your power today. I Did!

I chose to do the (F)empower Program because despite counting my blessings each day and being surrounded by love all around, I could not quiet down the negative emotions and head chatters I experienced on daily basis. I felt a strong sense of unworthiness and fear of failure which held me back from becoming the person I’m meant to be. The lack of faith and trust in myself and caring a great deal about what others thought of me, became an obstruction.

Creatrix is a powerful tool and a life-changing experience. The benefits are endless. I’m noticing so many positive changes in my life, and so do my loved ones. I’m free and I believe in the woman I’m becoming. I don’t let my failures define me anymore. I’m able to tackle my business meetings with so much poise and the jitters are banished. I put myself first because I know my worth.

This program has helped me remember that I do matter and that I’m loved as much as I love. I’m proud of myself and my achievements, big and small. It takes less effort to pursue my goals without the limiting belief of fearing to fail. I’ve become a better communicator throughout and I’m a lot more easygoing and confident in general. Take back your power today. I Did!

To you my beautiful, kind-hearted and loving Transformologist. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for introducing me to such a unique and life-changing program and for holding my hand through it all. I wish you success, courage, and wisdom in your journey to help more women rediscover themselves! X