Dineo’s testimonial

I’m FREE! I’m calmer and a lot more patient

I chose to do the (F)empower Program because I was completely exhausted by the on- going negative emotions and head chatters!

I felt a strong sense of unworthiness. I experienced fear of failure, guilt, shame, self – doubt and even self-hate. I felt useless and brainless. I had a lack of faith and trust in myself and I cared too much about what others thought of me and my career status.

Creatrix® appeared a powerful and a life changing experience for me.

I’m noticing so many positive changes in my life currently its insane!

I’m free! I’m calmer and a lot more patient around my kids and husband. I put myself first. I don’t feel fear anymore.

I had cut myself off from friends and a lot of people who cared about me but Creatrix® has helped me remember that I matter and that I’m loved as much as I love.

I have stopped hiding and reconnected with my friends

I’m proud of myself and my achievements, big and small. I have the courage to walk away. I’m pushing myself to try new things and work harder towards my goals. Studying has a different meaning to me as I have dealt with fear of failure. I have a genuine smile and I feel happier and less sad the majority of the time.

My husband and my kids, my mom and sisters see the change in me and I’m positive that other people notice the change as well from my communication!

I’ve received messages from a number of people saying I inspire them through my boxing workouts. Truly speaking, before this amazing program I would never have put myself out there.

I’m beyond ecstatic that I have re-discovered my relationship with my best friend, my husband! My boys told me that I look happy and that I’m chilled! I don’t feel guilty to spoil myself a little because I feel worthy.

I would definitely recommend (F)empower Program to my friends and women at large!

To you my beautiful, kind – hearted and loving Transformologist. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for introducing me to such a unique and life-changing program. For holding my hand through it all. I wouldn’t have opted for any other person but you my dear. I’m Transformed because of you. I wish you success, courage and wisdom in your journey to help women re- discover themselves! Xxx