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I’m FREE! I’m calmer and a lot more patient

I chose to do the (F)empower Program because I was completely exhausted by the on- going negative emotions and head chatters!

I felt a strong sense of unworthiness. I experienced fear of failure, guilt, shame, self – doubt and even self-hate. I felt useless and brainless. I had a lack of faith and trust in myself and I cared too much about what others thought of me and my career status.

Creatrix® appeared a powerful and a life changing experience for me.

I’m noticing so many positive changes in my life currently its insane!

I’m free! I’m calmer and a lot more patient around my kids and husband. I put myself first. I don’t feel fear anymore.

I had cut myself off from friends and a lot of people who cared about me but Creatrix® has helped me remember that I matter and that I’m loved as much as I love.

I have stopped hiding and reconnected with my friends

I’m proud of myself and my achievements, big and small. I have the courage to walk away. I’m pushing myself to try new things and work harder towards my goals. Studying has a different meaning to me as I have dealt with fear of failure. I have a genuine smile and I feel happier and less sad the majority of the time.

My husband and my kids, my mom and sisters see the change in me and I’m positive that other people notice the change as well from my communication!

I’ve received messages from a number of people saying I inspire them through my boxing workouts. Truly speaking, before this amazing program I would never have put myself out there.

I’m beyond ecstatic that I have re-discovered my relationship with my best friend, my husband! My boys told me that I look happy and that I’m chilled! I don’t feel guilty to spoil myself a little because I feel worthy.

I would definitely recommend (F)empower Program to my friends and women at large!

To you my beautiful, kind – hearted and loving Transformologist. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for introducing me to such a unique and life-changing program. For holding my hand through it all. I wouldn’t have opted for any other person but you my dear. I’m Transformed because of you. I wish you success, courage and wisdom in your journey to help women re- discover themselves! Xxx


I worry less and I am left with more positive energy.

My name is Nicky and I met Inge through my work. Before I embarked on this journey, I used to feel sad, I was very negative, and I worried a lot. This often led to needless arguments and frustrations I didn’t know how to deal with. I felt like I was in an increasingly growing, negative spiral. I had a difficult start to the (F)empower Program and I found it hard to believe that I would feel better upon completing this journey. As the sessions progressed, I learned to give in to my coach, Inge, who tries to extract the very best from it all. It took a lot of energy, but it was worth it! I eventually learned to let go of things more readily, which means I worry less and am left with more positive energy. I set my boundaries more clearly and stand up for myself more, without still feeling guilty about it.


With Creatrix® I have reduced fixations, rounded off control issues and yes, it has “fixed” the letting go issue.

Creatrix®… What is that…? What could it improve for me…?
The answer? To actively undergo change!
The issue? Mine was control
Control meant certainty, focus… it runs in the family. But too much control also has its limitations… such as a loss of freedom… and in my case lead to unrest.
I’m faced with such a predicament! Restricting or letting go of the excess of control? Just let go!
Inge and Creatrix® have reduced fixations, rounded off control issues and yes, they have “fixed” the letting go issue…
Letting go gives you a sense of freedom, of peace, a limitless feeling, a sense of space and wisdom
How often are we, women, stuck? Fixated on our thoughts? How often is the “have to” compulsion we live with actually an issue of our own creation and fixation? How often do we think about letting go without really “doing it”?
Embrace the change – it starts with you!
Thank you Creatrix®! A change in progress!
Thank you Inge, a friend and wonderful woman in charge of her own life!


I got the privilege of finding my inner strength and wisdom, which brought to life a more powerful, less fearful Floor. 

I’ve been through a very interesting process of Creatrix® with Inge. Although I was generally very happy about my life, I was bothered and held back by issues that got triggered in certain situations. As they were keeping me from doing what I actually wanted to do and being who I wanted to be, I decided to start my process with Inge. After a few sessions on determining which blockages and issues to tackle, we worked together with the interesting interventions of Creatrix®. It was as if making a journey through time and generations. Through it, I got the privilege of finding my inner strength and wisdom, which brought to life a more powerful, less fearful Floor, who loves more freely and unconditionally and who trusts her own gut and skills to further develop her career. Inge has been a very trustworthy, thoroughly working, but most of all warm coach and a safe haven in my journey with Creatrix®.

It all sounds a bit like magic, doesn’t it? Well, that’s exactly what it brought me!


I have gotten the courage to make decisions out of love for myself.

I came to Inge after a tip from my colleague. I wanted to free myself from those eternal beliefs like: “I am worth nothing”, “I can’t do that anyway”, and the regular bad feelings about my life; my past, present, and future. Sometimes a premature ending seemed like a good flight for all I suffered from pain in my life.

The pain of the past; the death of my brother at a young age, the loss of my father at the age of 20, and also the delivery of two babies during the pregnancy, determined me to a large extent in my current life, my relationship with my loved ones, in my work and especially how I thought about myself.

How the (F)empower Program works, I can’t explain to you. I would advise you to trust the process and receive everything you are offered. It is all worth it!

I have gotten the courage to make decisions out of love for myself. Inge helped me with this. I give myself the time to grow from now on. I value myself. From a practical perspective, I also sleep better and eat healthier since I did the program. I no longer need antidepressants.

About Inge. I can say that from the first phone call to this day, she has been my rock in the surf. She is the mainstay but allows you to do it yourself. It’s safe! And if I say that, it means a lot, because I haven’t known safety for a very long time.

Thank you dear Inge! Even when you live further away; I know that your promise to always be there for me is true. My gratitude is infinite.

With love,


Now, I feel comfortable in my own skin.

I got to know M&O through Facebook, where I had read things that spoke to me because I was feeling very poorly at the time and wanted to do something about it. I found the courage and scheduled an appointment with Inge. After the intake interview, I started the (F)empower program. I received ‘homework’ – to write down what I was having a hard time with. It took a lot of effort to think about myself, about my feelings and obstacles, about the issues I was struggling with. Inge helped me deal with these issues head-on. Now, I feel comfortable in my own skin because I am calmer and I don’t care as much about what others think of me. There are still some rough patches but they generally don’t linger for long and they no longer control my life.


I was able to put the pieces of my life back together and I gradually got better.

After I got released from a 5-month stay at the hospital, I thought they had given me the proper care and that I would be able to move on with my life. I quickly realised that it was inadequate and I suffered from a relapse.
Thanks to Inge who taught me to cope with my depression and anxiety, I was able to put the pieces of my life back together and I gradually got better.
Inge coaches with a lot of expertise and above all with a lot of understanding, support and a warm human touch. Thanks to her, I’m more resilient to stress and exhaustion.
Now I can take care of my family again. Thank you Inge.


Inge gave me the missing puzzle pieces to enable me to move on with my life.

I ended up at Inge’s practice after I had already taken the first steps in the right direction. I felt that I was living on “autopilot”, even for the day-to-day stuff. I had already started the journey on my own, but I had the feeling that it still wasn’t quite right, that I wasn’t quite “there” yet. After attending two workshops with Inge and an additional session, Inge gave me the missing puzzle pieces to enable me to move on with my life. I believe that Inge does a lot more. Women have to be strong and confident, and have the volition to attain their goals or to just accomplish the stressful and day-to-day matters. Inge gives you a sense of direction, tips on how to find yourself and how to go through life as a stronger and more confident individual by setting yourself “small assignments”.


Dear Inge, keep up the good work, because of you I feel like a ‘power woman’!

After a roller-coaster of negative feelings and thoughts, on top of my existing blockages, I contacted Inge and entered the (F)empower Program.

What a wonderful experience I had. Blockages disappeared, negative thoughts watered down. I regained the desire to live and above all, I started to enjoy without feeling guilty. Now I feel rested upon awakening because the worry has disappeared.

I would describe my experience as heavenly; I could feel the negative blockages disappear from my body. After many years I feel peace in my head and my heart, I never realized this would be possible.

Inge, thank you for your fantastic guidance, your complete dedication and the trust that you have given me.

To any woman with emotional blockages (often unconsciously negatively affecting the people who love you):

we are truly worth living and enjoying so much more than just taking care of our family. It IS possible, without feelings of guilt. I am so grateful to myself for taking the step.

Dear Inge, keep up the good work, because of you I feel like a ‘power woman’!


I am happy and fulfilled in every area of my life even though my circumstances are not perfect nor changed much.

I have been on a self-discovery path for a while and had done several things in the process.  Then a friend introduced me to Creatrix®, what caught my attention was the fact this would be my last stop and that it would free me to live life fully. I had quite a number of limiting beliefs and I was being a little too concerned about what others thought of me.

Creatrix® has been liberating, simple and yet delivered quick and significant results to me.

What positive changes have you already noticed? 

Many, I feel liberated, free to live a full life.  I live in the present and not too bothered about what others think. I am happy and fulfilled in every area of my life even though my circumstances are not perfect nor changed much. My love-life has changed and my relationships are more enjoyable and I think it is because I changed. I am able to step back and enjoy my life more. I am even a better steward of my finances and my work life is significantly improved because I enjoy it more.

I would recommend the (F)empower Program, because I think it is a special and impactful experience. There is no reason to live life struggling when there are ways to live smart and fulfilled at every stage of one’s life. I will be forever grateful.

Inge, you were very professional with me and I appreciate you for that.  I wish you and all successive clients well.  God bless you!

Love always,


Within 2 months I could put things in perspective, enjoy and let go.

2 years after my burnout, I doubted for quite some time, but then I made contact with Inge. I knew the theory to avoid burnout very well . I just couldn’t convert it into practice. I still put myself in the last place and did not know how to cope with many emotions. Inge suggested the (F) empower program and in 2 months time I have become someone who can put things into perspective, enjoy and let go. My husband and my children also notice the positive transformation! I even enjoy a moment for myself! Without Mothers&Others, without Inge, I would never have come this far. Inge is a wonderful person who does her job with a lot of passion and care; you can’t wish for a better coach! Someone you can trust 100%.

If I can give you 1 advice when you have doubts about following the (F) empower program:



The efficient and very involved coach in her, genuinely listens and observes to better guide women through their issues.

I got to know Inge as an assistant trainer during my training to become a Creatrix® Transformologist®. She added value to the training by sharing her own personal experiences since her own training the year before. She is an honourable, gentle and helpful woman with a huge heart. The efficient and very involved coach in her genuinely listens and observes to better guide women through their issues.



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