About myself 

If you want to work with me then you should know a little more about me. I am a coach but I’m not an ordinary one. I work exclusively for women. I have made it my speciality to help women take charge of their lives.

Before I set up my own coaching practice, I spent a lot of time working in mental healthcare. I have always enjoyed making a contribution to the growth and development of others. Nevertheless, I eventually wanted to dig a little deeper. I had always dreamed of setting up my own coaching practice and a few years ago I finally had the courage to take that next step.

I had taken all the necessary courses and trainings but I wanted more. The NLP practitioner course and NLP master followed suit, but I was still missing something. It was only when I was exposed to Creatrix® that it all came together. I immediately felt as though this course would make the difference. Not only for myself, but for a lot of women! How was it possible that I was able to put behind me all the insecurities I had always felt? What others thought of me was no longer important. The pressure in my head decreased. And ‘good’ became ‘good enough’.

Since the beginning of Mothers&Others, I have been able to help many women go through life with confidence. They are more aware of the choices they have and are happier with the life they lead. And how wonderful is it that I was able to contribute to the wellbeing of their families? Because their partners and children also benefit from the fruit of my labour.

In other words, I have the best job out there 🙂


I am happily married to Levent and together we have 3 sons; Levi (12), Jiro (10) and Joy (8). We form a multi-cultural family. I myself was born and raised in the Netherlands, Levent is from Turkey, our children have laid their foundation in Belgium and now we live in Ghana for a while! I am convinced that communication is the key to everything. And that’s why our relationship is going so well.

The first period here has not been easy for everyone. Nevertheless, we continued. We think it is important to also make choices that have a positive effect in the long term. Thinking in possibilities helps. What we have already learned here and how much stronger we have become as an individual and as a family is an enrichment on its own. Therefore we are very grateful for this opportunity.

Taking time for relaxation and for each other often leads to wonderful conversations. In busier times we seem to forget that, fortunately we are quickly aware of this and we pick up the thread again. An evening or a lunch for 2 is then easily planned.

I enjoy spending time with friends, chatting while shopping or extensively during a dinner. Since we only get to see each other every once in a while, we app a lot and use video calls via ZOOM for example. That’s a great alternative.

Coaching is my life. In the first period in Ghana my boys needed me and that’s why I put it on hold for a while. I’m glad I picked it up again! The great thing is that I make use of online coaching as well. That brings worlds closer together.

I hope to see you soon!