Get rid of your blocking issues

Do you feel like you are always running into the same obstacles? Do you often feel worn out and frustrated? Are you often short tempered with your children or your husband? And do you feel even guiltier afterwards? Do you feel that your life is a delicate balancing act that’s hard to handle? Is your day so packed that you feel you are only able to do things halfway? Are you looking for peace, happiness and a sense of purpose?

Everyone suffers from restrictive beliefs or obstacles but we women specialise in it ;-). I’ve noticed in my practice that a lot of women suffer from so-called bumps in the road. This is why I offer the (F)empower program so that you, as a woman, can take charge of your life. In only a few sessions I will teach you how to go through life with self-confidence and trust. How to put everything into perspective and how to let go.

You might have already tried everything to get rid of it and might be a bit sceptical when it comes to the benefits of coaching. My approach is different than what you are used to. I use a unique method from Australia that is specifically designed by and for women. Creatrix® is a method designed to work on your head, heart and gut and gives you a comprehensive solution when it comes to your blocking issues. The issues that you regularly encounter and that often come back will disappear once and for all after only a few sessions.

(F)empower program

As a coach I work exclusively for women. It is my personal mission to get you back in charge of your life, so you will be able to lead a happy life together with your family.  For this I developed the (F)empower program. In only a few sessions I will teach you how to go through life with self-confidence and poise.

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